Our team is very much concern about consumer, especially our customers because we are too consumer in other situation.

All consumer has right to complaint about service they have been provided if they are not happy.

Our team sincerely and serious take action about all complaint and customer feedback. We honorably appreciated all kind of feedback for the growth of our services.

Thank you so much for giving us feedback. If you would like to give us feedback, here is another option. Go to feedback section.

For example, if the food that was part of an all-inclusive deal was inedible, you could claim the reasonable cost of buying food elsewhere.

Make sure to say why you think the expenses you’re claiming for are reasonable and unavoidable.

Our team appreciate for your complaint about services. Kindly leave your email if we are allowed to contact to solve issue.

It will be highly appreciated if you could explain with detail information such as date, name, place, etc.

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