In Myanmar, there are more than 100 races and each race has their own traditional food.  Burmese, Chinese, Indian, Thailand food are most popular in Myanmar. Common Burmese food are a bit oily. But there are some healthy food could be also found as popular food such as Mon’t Hin Khar (Fish soup with rice noodle, you may add fries veg or boiled egg).

And another case to concern is chili, many Burmese are fun of eating spicy and sour food. Many street food are delicious and good to try.

If you are a food lover, bring a bottle of boiled water (PH7 water bottle is not good enough) along with you. Even PH7 water, you need to boil it once in your hotel room and bring it to everywhere you go. Drinking that kind of water will make you good to try street food as well.

Good thing about Myanmar is, in each city there is famous food and it’s dedicated shop. you probably need a good local guide to have real experience of food.


Myanmar Food

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