Reliable and Secure

TMTM is using secure socket layer for the payment which mean your credit card cannot be fraud by our payment link.
We are using Paypal payment gateway and 2C2P gateway.Paypal is well known organization for payment gateway. Paypal is a bit more expensive for us compare to other payment gateway but we are using it for reliability concern for our customers. There will be 4.4%  charged by paypal for payment.
We accept booking via email and we have provide link to make payment which is hosted by 2c2p payment gateway. 2C2P also leading payment gateway in southeast Asia and it’s reliable, that payment with no additional charges.

TMTM is official registered travel company located in Yangon, Myanmar.

Credit Card Payment

We accept and all credit card and debit card through secured Paypal gateway(4.4% additional) or 2C2P gateway(No additional fees). We will provide link for your payment.

Then you need to fill your credit card information and make payment as usual.
Paypal user

If you have paypal account , simply login to your paypal and make payment.

You may create user account in our web portal but we do not keep your payment information.

Peace of Mind

You may make complaint on paypal if in case  you do not receive product or service over your payments.  Paypal will claim back all your money what you settled.

Please note that we may take 2 processing days for your order.

Terms of Service

You should read and agree on our terms and condition before making any booking.

Question ?

if you still have doubt , contact us info@takemetomyanmar.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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