Authentic Adventure Travel

Join us on the road less adventure traveled and allow our expert team of local guides to show you all that mystical Myanmar has to offer.

Whatever your age, style or budget, our awesome trips promise to fully immerse you into Myanmar’s magical culture.

Enjoy getting to know local families through authentic home stays, the perfect opportunity to interact with friendly locals. Stay in specially selected, traditional accommodation that truly reflects the character of this magnificent country and its people.

Indulge in irresistible homemade Burmese cuisine prepared fresh before your eyes, before marveling at Myanmar’s stunning scenery and coming face to face with its unique wildlife.

Best Adventure Activities in Myanmar

Our unparalleled selection of authentic ad varied trip styles from fast paced through to slow paced offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an active cycling holiday, jungle adventures, village trekking or city slicking, join us in embracing this extraordinary country and let us promise you memories to last a life time.


Revel in the excitement of Myanmar’s captivating local transportation systems and travel like a true local. From vans to trains, tuk tuks to bicycles, we’ll have the opportunity to try it all.

Flexible Travel

Tours don’t have to mean regimented itineraries. We recognize that travelers enjoy having free time to explore villages or kick back in a tea house with a good book. With that in mind, you can rest assured that all our tours are flexible with built in time for your own enjoyment. For example: We could adjust trekking hours as 2 hours in a day where itinerary design for 4 hours.

Price and Value

We understand that budgeting is important when planning your trip. Many years’ experience in the travel industry has taught us that a memorable experience doesn’t have to mean an expensive experience. Thanks to our local expertise and close connections, we are proud to offer itineraries to suit every travelers budget.

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