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Do and Don't in Myanmar!

Myanmar is amazing place for tourist! But Myanmar Culture may be different than western. More or less better learn a little bit about Myanmar so that you will have easy understanding in your practical visit .Not many things to remember! Do and Don't in Myanmar with amazing cartoon

Pre and Post Accommodation & Transportation Arrangement

We are happy to assist you for Pre and Post accommodation and transportation in Myanmar. Better prepare ahead than roaming around with big luggage in unknown place.

Myanmar Visa

Visas Wherever you travel in the world, it is always best to be aware of up-to-date visa information which may affect you. Some nationalities can travel freely over borders, whereas others require advanced permission to enter. There are also changes in requirements from time to time

Zone fees in Myanmar

Visiting to Myanmar (Burma) may require some extra money to be added in calculation for your own travel plan, that zone fees for popular attraction in Myanmar.

Transportation in Myanmar

Travelers need to aware transportation information for destination pretty much everything before arriving. For adventure travelers driving information is required, for self traveler smooth transportation idea is essential things. We are collecting useful transport information in Myanmar for travelers here.

Accommodation in Myanmar

Accommodation information is must know for traveler. To travel safely and peacefully to destination, need to avoid accommodation in some places.

Food in Myanmar

Food in Myanmar is quite different than other. Very good opportunity to experience, not like Thailand, not exactly like Chinese, not like Indian exactly. Even world know Chinese food, Indian food, Thailand food have been localized in this land.


We will trek through Palaung, Danu.Yoe and Pa-O villages and interact with friendly local. Discover the rich traditions of hill tribe cultures. Hike up a Shan Hill to enjoy a beautiful view of the Inle Lake below.   Service Level     :  Basic Service “Simple and clean hostels and local home-stay ; comfortable public and private transport” Travel...


Service Level     :  Basic Service “Simple and clean hotels and tree-house living; comfortable public and private transport; “ Travel Style        :  Trekking & local living “Read more about trekking & local living“ Physical Rating :  Moderate(3/5)  Minimum Age    : 5+   Transportation Pyin Oo Lwin sightseeing by Private car Mandalay hotel...


Service Level     :  Basic Service “Simple and clean hotels and hostels; comfortable public and private transport” Travel Style        :  Trekking & Local living  “Read more about trekking & local living” Physical Rating :  Moderate (3/5)  Minimum Age    : 12+   Transportation Mandalay – Pyin Oo lwin hotel – Pyin Oo lwin sightseeing by Private car Pyin...


Discover Myanmar’s diverse combination of culture and nature on this 8 days exploration tour. Enjoy the authentic chin living style at our friendly local home-stay. Make friends with the unique tattoo faced Chin ladies and breathe in the fresh air as we trek through the regions diverse range of villages.   Service Level     :  Basic “Simple...

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